The Pasadena Recovery Center – Home of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”

The Pasadena Recovery Center, home of Celebrity Rehab Center with Dr. Drew.

The Pasadena Recovery Center.

1811 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103

Home of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, this addiction rehabilitation center has played host to several rockers trying to kick their addictions.  Among those who have tried to clean up their act on the TV show are Steven Adler (drummer for Guns N’ Roses), Mike Starr (late former bassist for Alice In Chains), Leif Garrett, Tawney Kitaan (Whitesnake video vixen), Sean Stewart (son of Rod Stewart), Seth Binzer (Crazy Town singer) and many undisclosed others. The center has 98 beds and costs about $10,500 a month.

Required Listening:

  1. Mr. Brownstone – Guns N’ Roses
  2. Man in a Box – Alice In Chains
  3. Here I Go Again – Whitesnake


Pasadena Recovery Center


Map Of Pasadena, CA