Jimi Hendrix in Nashville

Jim Hendrix with the King Kasuals in Nashville, TN

Jim Hendrix (on left) with the King Kasuals in Nashville, TN.

Del Morocco club, Formerly at 2417 Jefferson St, Nashville, TN.

Club Baron (Currently the Elks Lodge), 2614 Jefferson St., Nashville, TN

Joyce’s House of Glamour, Formerly 2421 Jefferson St., Nashville, TN

In the early 60’s Jimi Hendrix spent some formative years on Jefferson Street in Nashville, TN. While in the army, Jimi Hendrix was stationed at Fort Campbell in Clarksville, TN near Nashville. He was discharged in 1962 and along with army buddy Billy Cox, headed to Nashville to form the band, King Kasuals. They became the house band at the Del Morocco.   Legend has it that one night Jimi dragged his amp from the Del Morocco to the Club Baron down the street to challenge great Nashville bluesman, Johnny Jones in a guitar duel, only to be sent back to the Del Morocco with his tail between his legs a whipped young pup.

By 1968, the Del Morocco was demolished to make way for the interstate. The Jefferson Street Exit 207 off of I-40 now runs through where the club formerly stood. The Club Baron is still standing and is now the Elk’s Lodge.

In Nashville, Jimi lived in an apartment above Joyce’s House of Glamour (a beauty salon) on Jefferson Street near the Del Morocco. Like the Del Morocco, Joyce’s met the fate of the wrecking ball to make way for the new interstate.

Required Listening:

  1. Hey Joe
  2. Purple Haze
  3. The Wind Cries Mary
  4. Foxy Lady
  5. All Along The Watchtower


The Club Baron today, now the Elks Lodge.

The Club Baron today, now the Elks Lodge, where legend has it, Jimi challenged Johnny Jones to a guitar duel and lost..


Jimi and the King Kasuals.

Jimi and the King Kasuals.


Map of Nashville, TN