Jackson Browne – Recording of “Shaky Town” & “Cocaine”

Photo of the Comfort Inn

Comfort Inn (site of the former Holiday Inn), Room 124, 3080 S. Route 157 & Harmony Dr., Edwardsville, IL.

For Jackson Browne’s 1977 platinum album, Running On Empty, Browne recorded much of it on the road including a few tracks in hotel rooms. “Shaky Town” and “Cocaine” were recorded in room 124 in the Edwardsville, IL Holiday Inn (since torn down and rebuilt as a Comfort Inn), just north of St. Louis, MO.   Regarding “Shaky Town,” Browne said “We were just trying to get away with it, we knew we could do it with the violin and acoustic guitar, but we also put the drums in the room, and Danny and I actually sang in the shower. I just love the way that sounds.”

Photo of the Comfort Inn in Edwardsville, IL


Map showing the location of the Comfort Inn